The International Labour Contact Net is a non-governmental organisation established and working in Lithuania.  The organisation’s activities focus on bringing together different groups such as grassroots groups, civil society including non-governmental organisations and voluntary associations, government representatives, the business sector including employers and employees to address employment issues and issues of concern to local communities.  The organisation has 8 years experience of addressing employment issues in particular the elimination of informal and illegal labour, providing support to communities and the building of sustainable communities, as well as working with socially disadvantaged groups.  This is largely done through the provision of training, workshops, study visits, supports the exchange of experience and know how, as well as the development of programmes and projects. The starting point is local people, their involvement, building on their strengths, their issues and problems, developing their capacity – competencies and skills. 

It is a member of a wider European network – the European Contact Group with whom it has developed and implemented various projects aimed at enhancing the capacities of different groups of society by providing them with contacts to people in similar situations in different regions of different countries in Europe. The activities are focused on communication, community building and support.

The ILCN has experience in organizing and implementing public debates and citizen participation activities, which bring together various stakeholders.  This includes facilitating discussions at a municipal level on issues of concern to local citizens and local government officials, for example, development of small businesses in local communities, limited resources: co-operation at a community level, development of community strategies etc.